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November 18, 2016

Statia Day Review: The Social Media Version part 1

I am grateful that I was able to follow Statia Day's events via social media. Really, the internet is God's mercy on me. The problem with social media is that imortalizes mistakes. This may or may not be very controversial but someone has to provide feedback in order for us to move forward. In this blog and the next, I am going to share the good the bad and the ugly. Try not to be offended if you're in this blog. I tried as much as possible to offer tips for improvement.

Let's start with the fabulous, dancers in the student performance! I don't think many understand exactly how difficult it is for interpretive dance to incite emotion via a computer screen but they did that. Their outfits were also beautiful. The clean, pure look worked for the song.

Now everyone with ears knows that Statian children have golden voices but I missed hearing more of them. I was told that the live version was much better but for future reference microphones need to be positioned in a way that allows the audio on cameras to pick them up over the soloist. I would have loved it if the kids were all dressed in the same clothes. I am aware of the uniform issue so maybe robes could be an option? All in all very well done!

Rosabel Blake's poem? My EXTREMELY biased opinion is that is was fantastic and that she nailed her performance by being comical but also very real. You can read the poem on yesterday's blog.

There were other musical performances that I missed so I can't speak to their greatness. I heard parts of  Felistas' rendition and I thought it was beautiful and raw. I really hope that she gets some coaching because she could be the next big thing! She also has a YouTube channel so if you have time check it out.

I don't know if I am the only one who thinks that the uniform groups looked sloppy this year. The Brigades looked as if they were over the entire march before the salute (that the didn't make) at Cool Corner. The Pathfinders looked good in their uniforms but they were few in numbers and there was but a handful of Adventurers. With no Eager Beavers to rescue us with their cuteness the entire thing it was a painful ordeal. Also why are there two Statia flags heading one parade? Statia please learn protocol and get it together. If the Pathfinders are forever doomed to the back because of a BS rule THAT DOES NOT EXIST (I fact checked) tell them that they can't march with the flag or better yet put law enforcement to carry the colors. I'm sure you guys can figure something out.

There was a cake decorating contest and the cake that won was beautiful and truly depicted our island. The July tree flowers with the golden Statia was everything. Everything screamed Statia except for the iguana. The endangered Lesser Antillean iguana is usually brown and the one on the cake resembled a Green Iguana. Yes I am aware that I am nitpicking now but I just want our island to improve in every aspect!

As much as I want to talk about the clothing, makeup and speeches I will leave it here for now. Come back tomorrow for part two!



November 17, 2016

If I were a Statian

My mom Rosabel Blake is a visionary and she came up with a very cool poetry concept for Statia Day. Since I enjoy meddling and improving greatness I helped her write this.  So enjoy a mother and a bit of a daughter's labor. Happy belated Statia Day to all!

If I were a philosopher what would my philosophy be? Would it be about being average or par excellent?
What if I were the ombudsman? Would I listen to Statia's cries or would I turn away and continue letting them be denied.
If I were the CFT would I give Statia a chance or would I supervise to the end and continue the same old dance with our government. What if I were the government would I keep playing on the river on the bank? Would I keep talking so that the teacher would have too much grammar to correct?

What if I were the calypsonian would I sing and give social commentary? Would my song be of the investigations at the harbor and airport? Or would I sing about the birds and the bees and the black-eyed peas?

If I were in charge of culture would we be here today? Would we be raising the flags right side up or would we already be on our way?

I wonder if I would choose July 1st instead and celebrate our emancipation and not a day that was the idea of an old white man who has long been dead.

Maybe I should not talk about freedom because truly not much has changed. We're still ruled and governed by a group of men across the ocean and we for our shortcomings we constantly blamed.

Really? You think much has changed? The Antilles broke up and a new form of colonialism began with Den Haag setting up shop on Bonaire making it the new CuraƧao.

I wonder what will happen in the next few years but really I wonder what will happen now.

Truly the most important question is what if I were a Statian. How would I move forward? Wait, I am Statian! Aren’t you? By joining hands and hearts and voices to be one community not some from North South, Pleasures or White Wall. But one people under God striving for a better tomorrow working towards liberty for all. Standing against injustice and helping one another grow. We are Statians and we will stand together until the whole world knows! Happy Statia Day!

November 9, 2016

Hillary Lost :(

I was going to write a speech about what it means to be a woman in 2016. I was going to talk about how far we have come. I had plans! Unfortunately Hillary Clinton lost the USA presidential election to Donald Trump and I just can't. Dis goin be short cuz I still pissed. Leh we start see.

So I was convinced that Hillary would win the election. I had no idea how she could lose to her opponent. For as long as I can remember I have seen Americans as a less evolved species of the human race and on November 8th they proved my theory to the world. I will not go into detail as to how a bigot won the election because I don't want to talk about this. I will say that the results of this election shows the world that United State citizens are mostly racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, ethnocentric and really every other word that describes asshole-like behavior.

Today I worry about the people who did not vote for Trump. I worry about my family members who live in the States and unfortunately share my pigmentation. I say unfortunately not because black isn't beautiful rather because elevated levels of melanin in the human body have been known to lead to death by police. Really death by races lacking said chemical in general.

I have very little to say except good luck America. The red in your flag is about to take on a whole new meaning. The world and I will watch you bleed and pray that you all become smart by 2018.

Fuck Donald J Trump,


November 1, 2016

I'm so Inconsistent

I took a long ass break from my blog after breakup week in September and I apologize. I have gotten lots of requests for different topics and I will get right on those but first my speech on Hillary Clinton's presidency. See you on the 9th of November.

Until then.